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Truth social news: Nigerians migrate by the thousand to Best’s Reality Social after Twitter’s new approach

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After Twitter declared limitations on the quantity of tweets clients can peruse on the stage in a day, numerous Nigerians have begun moving to Truth Social as an option microblogging Application.

In spite of the fact that Twitter has revoked the approach, that has not halted the relocation to Truth Social.

Truth Social was established by ex-U.S. President Donald Trump after he was forever prohibited from Twitter over a claim that he prompted the agitators who went after the U.S Legislative hall working in January 2021.

Until Twitter reported limitations on the quantity of tweets clients can peruse in a day, Truth Social was not extremely well known among Nigerians.

In any case, after Twitter clients began experiencing issues signing into the Application due to the limitations put on the stage, Truth Social became well known.

Truth Social even ridiculed Twitter saying: “Update: On Truth Social you can peruse, posts however many bits of insight as you need – for nothing.”

Here are a few responses of certain Nigerians about their Reality Social experience.

@MissPearls said: “My Notices on Truth Social is Going Wild Currently Even Before I Posted My Most memorable Truth. Along these lines, That is All there is to it; Its Either Twitter Or Truth.”

@MrBlackOG said: “Truth Social has crashed because of countless Twitter outcasts attacking the application.”

@BOGbadams said: “Go along with me on Truth Social. @bogbadamosi.”

Yet, @gimbakakanda said: “Among every one of the virtual entertainment stages to embrace as a choice to Twitter, you have picked TRUTH Social, one established by Donald Trump — an audacious and recorded advertiser of extreme right fanaticism. Trust me, you would be in an ideal situation in Elon Musk’s jail than in Trump’s penthouse.”

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