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How To Simply Download Songs On Deezer

Maybe this is your first time hearing about Deezer but many people usually use this website as a platform for downloading music that isn’t available for normal downloads for streaming and downloading songs inside their mobile app like the Audiomack, Spotify, Boomplay, and the rest.

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Now you can simply download any trending music and album to your phone storage using the following trick I will show you if we proceed. 

Deezer like any other music streaming app gives any individual chance to create an account for free trial music streaming, But in this article, if you follow it carefully you will learn how to download any song on the deezer website without having an account or making subscriptions.

How To Download A Song On Deezer

The below steps will guide you on how to download your favourite song on Deezer, let’s start by:

(Step 1)

• Visit deezer website here

• Search for your favourite song

• Select it and remember to use desktop mode to enable sharing features

• Click on the sharing button and wait for it to generate a link

• Copy the link generated

    (Step 2)

    • Visit the soundloaders website here

    • Paste the link in the site when it opened

    • Wait for it to start downloading

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