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How To Apply Custom EMUI Themes On Huawei?

Glad to have you here friends, here in today’s article I’m gonna show you how to apply custom themes in your Huawei running EMUI versions, also, in the end, you will understand how you can apply Huawei themes downloaded from playstore.

How To Apply Custom Themes Downloaded On Website

You still need to understand why you should learn about adding custom themes because nowadays third-party themes have a good appearance and style. Let’s dive in.
Make sure your downloaded theme is in the format “theme.hwt” now move to your Huawei file manager.
Copy your downloaded theme to the folder Hwtheme, I’m using theme.hwt as an example, If you are running EMUI 4 & EMUI 5 versions you have to move theme.hwt to the Hwtheme folder, On EMUI above this version move the theme.hwt file to the Theme folder.
Now go back to your Huawei Theme Manager app and refresh it, your new theme will appear there and you can apply it.

How To Apply Themes Downloaded From Playstore

  • Launch your theme app downloaded from playstore.
  • Download any theme you want inside, And click apply theme, once done.
  • Go back to your Huawei Theme Manager App, and refresh it once updated your theme will appear inside the downloaded themes, then apply it.
These are the two successful ways you can add custom themes in your Huawei phone running EMUI versions. 

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